Rés’Art network of Algerian craftswomen International project accompaniment

Res’Art, a promotion network of women’s crafts in Algeria

This Network of craftswomen is born in 2003 in Algeria in four wilayas ;  Res’Art aims to empower women and strengthen their capacities.

Today it comprises 300 Algerian women of fifteen communities that created and marketed over 150 products evocative of the Algerian cultural diversity.

The Rés’Art women  have acquired over 10 years of expertise in the craft skillsAmong the crafts of Rés’Art :

  •  weaving
  •  basketry
  •  fashion design and sewing
  • handmade cosmetics
  • pottery
  •  accessories

Women Rés’Art meet, share their expertise, are pooling tools and raw materials. This regrouping allows them to participate in foreign fairs, with the effect of increasing their turnover by 50%.

Recently in the Folk Arts Festival of Budapest, Rés’Art  accompanied in August 20 to 23, 2015 eight Algerian craftswomen to export and to promote their productions. Very welcomed by international visitors of the Festival, the delegation has succeeded, promotion and sale of the Algerian handicrafts.

You can find these products in the women Rés’Art shop of Algiers.


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