Ferinarte Fair of Trujillo Extremadura Spain April 30 – May 3 2015

Ferinarte 2015, crafts in a majestic architectural and urban environment

Fifty craftsmen participated in the 2nd edition of Ferinarte in the historic city of Trujillo where Francisco Pizarro has gone to the discovery of Peru in 1527. Sale of local products, pottery, ceramics, dinandery, leather goods, glassware, stainglass, jewelry, puppets, award of tradition and innovation, demonstration 3D Design School of Mérida, business meetings with a delegation of Spanish, French and Portuguese buyers have marked this event.

Our favorites are the leather, upholstery leather of El Artesano Gardanes and ceramic of Alfareria Guisado and Andres Amores,  great price and contemporary price of Ferinarte 2015.

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